Miss Maddies

Artfully Created

It all began with an easy bake oven...

My passion for baking began when I was just a little girl.  Eventually it developed into baking gourmet treats for our dogs. And Miss Maddies started out of the desire to prepare top quality treats that our dog would benefit from...not using ingredients that we couldn't even pronounce. We began baking with the finest ingredients. From there started sharing our treats with family and friends.  When our dogs as well as our family and friends dogs began to turn their noses up at store bought treats, we knew we were on to something, Treat Snobs were born!!!!!

Eventually as our company began to grow, Keith's artwork and bow ties were added into the mix. He too began his love for art as a little boy. He specializes in custom paintings. So please don't hesitate to send your photos to us and let him create beautiful works of art for you. We also customize all of our bow ties, so if you have an idea, please send it our way.

Contact us at missmaddies.me@gmail.com