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Lars the Rescue Dog

Madeline EnochsComment

We went to the Pet Expo in Orlando, FL in March 2019 with the intention of looking for new products for our shop. To our absolute delight, they had a breeder surrender labradoodle family - 14 total dogs up for adoption. We met Lars on the first day, and fell in love with him. On day 2, I said to my husband, lets go look at that puppy again and see if he’s been adopted. And guess what? He was the only puppy left without adoption papers. Apparently people asked the rescue, what was up with his hair? He has a curly head and kind straight body fur. We fell in LOVE with him immediately, applied for and was told that night we could pick him up the next day….We drove back to Charleston with a new puppy. He sat on my lap the entire ride home and did not cry at all. He goes to the shop everyday with me, greets all customers and their dogs. What a blessing to have the curly head in our lives.

Lars Adopt Me.JPG